Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Flesh Tone Recipe

Throw out your Chinese Orange, because there's a new flesh tone in town!

This evening, I was experimenting a new watercolor pallet at an open model session. I was trying to figure out how to express the chiaroscuro lighting in the Florence Academy studio.

Here's how it turned out:

The Deep Flesh Tone was created using a mixture of Dragon's Blood and Indigo.


  1. People still use Chinese orange?....

    I do like the effect though.

  2. Hard to tell the colour accuracy of the post but it seems to lack that over-stated healthy glow that chinese orange brings and I never liked. I always think skin is yellower and paler than we often imagine. Dragons blood doesnt sound like a winsor and newton color somehow! Nice piece. How long was the sitting, 2 hours? Look forward to seeing you when you get back. MBK

  3. Beautiful piece. I tried a similar mixture back in school. It was a winsor/newton indigio and burnt sienna, with different ratios of crimson, when needed. heres an example: