Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Who will be with us as we strike out for the north west

 Over the last four years the Sons have crossed deserts, waded though waist high, icy waters, endured sunstroke, climbed sheer rockfaces, peered through mist at the crashing waves, visited graves and hunted ghosts, walked in the dark woods, sheltered from the sun in rock caves, danced all night, ridden bikes, painted trains and drunk a lot of rum. Now its time to head out to the northwest and see what its all about up there in Portland, with the coffee and whatnot.
 Caleb has been. He says its nice. Very very nice indeed. Frankly the man scares me a bit and I want my hat back. So I'm going
 Dont leave me alone with this man.
 I cant promise that we'll kill lobsters this year. But Kernats is coming so there's sure to be Clown Barf cake. As usual, everything that happens in the kitchen is directed by you guys and its always been a highlight of every day. Tons of food, a glass of something, a ton of computers, ipods, watercolours, sketchbooks and fancytalk around the dinner table. It really is potentially lifechanging what happens around the table when the right mix of people share a week. Who's in?

Petey's Out.
Sons of Turner.....

Like watercolour Pirates looking for treasure

I need to buy the plane tickets but I need names and money asap. Call, email, blog, facebook Caleb, Kristen or me asap to save your place.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

SoT 2012: Portland, OR - DETAILS!

Hey Sons,

MBK has asked me to handle collecting the deposits for the trip, so - here's the skinny:

1. Each trip is able to accommodate 7 sons + MBK. That said, there is only space available for 14 sons between the two trips.

2. As the official announcement states, the trip should cost $950 each. $300 secures you a spot on the trip. You can send me payment a few different ways: Check or Paypal. Please contact me when you are ready to send the deposit and I will give you the specifics on how to get it to me.

3. Please contact me directly with any questions, comments or concerns. MBK is swamped and thus has been delegating these responsibilities to a few of us.

Thanks Everyone - so looking forward to Portland with you all!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Dream of the 90s is Alive.

"Portland, Oregon is a city like no other. A place where hippies and hipsters coexist alongside business men and housewives. Portland is a town of independence like no other. It heavily favors locally made food and beer to mass produced alternatives, promotes the voice of the individual, and has scenery and architecture that comedian Fred Armisen likens to, 'Legoland.'

Portland is nestled in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Though Portland itself is an urban environment, it is the neighborhoods that give it it's real charm and personality. The Pearl District is the downtown area that is similar to most cities, but with it's own personal flair. Hawthorne is home to farmer's markets and independent clothing stores (think etsy come to life...). Portland features an inactive Volcano at the top of Tabor Park, which also features one of the best views of the sunset in the city. 

If you venture outside of Portland you'll see a side of the country that you get nowhere else. Multnomah Falls is a short drive outside of the city and features a 650+ foot waterfall. Mount Hood is also a short drive outside of the city and in addition to it's breathtaking beauty, nestled atop the mountain is the Timberline Lodge, the place where they filmed the exterior shots of the Overloook Hotel in the film The Shining. Visiting this place is worth the trip up the mountain alone.

Another great drive is to head out to the coastal areas to see towns like Astoria, OR, where they filmed The Goonies. Atop the highest hill of Astoria is a 200ft. tower that offers one of the best views you will ever see. If you leave Astoria and keep heading west you will drive along the pacific coast of Oregon which offers a secluded beach accessible only to those who know the trail..."