Thursday, May 26, 2011

My favorite.

First painting started in Camden. For me, Camden was my most productive painting day. I did 5.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sons of Turner go to Starved Rock

Sons of Turner go to Starved Rock FB Event Page
A few of us Sons have decided we need another painting trip ASAP. All Sons are invited. Depending on how many Sons attend, I am contemplating making this a "call for all painters and photographers" who are dying to come along on our excursions and Salons - some people that I know would come - I think the Sons would benefit from having around on these mini-trips. Let me know if you're not comfortable with additional guests. Hope to see everyone there!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

2nd Best Idea We've Ever Had


The Flying Dutchman anchored in Camden

 They say she is haunted and she is able to appear and disappear in an instant when the mist rolls over the silent still sea.

They also say it will be sunny tomorrow. 
People talk a lot of nonsense dont they?

Gallery Space

UPDATE 6-4-11

We have booked a show.  The reception is at the Ontarioville Art Center on September 3rd from 3-8.  Pieces should be delievered to Chez Kernats the week of August 28th and will be hung on September 2nd at 11 in the a.m.  All good works require a wire on the back of the frame.  The gallery retains a 30% commission so price accordingly.  We are responsible for providing little cards with names, titles, prices, and such to post near our work.  If we wanted to serve wine we would have to obtain a permit of some sort.  Pieces should be picked up from Chez Kernats on October 1st after 1 p.m.  Also keep in mind that there is a Metra stop two blocks from the gallery for any Chicagoans who may be willing to attend.  In addition, located three buildings away from the gallery is the Prairie Station Pub & Grill.  Parking at this gallery is scarce, so the day of the reception all Sons of Turner should report to the Kernats Manse at 1 p.m. for tea and cakes, and endeavor to car pool at the appropriate time

But all that's not even the best part.

This show will be held in a little room on the first floor of the building.  The curators have offered, pending the success of aforementioned show, to rent the entire first floor to the Sons of Turner for a yet undisclosed monthly fee.  They are looking for people to help them run the gallery.  They are looking for people to teach classes.  They have studio space galore.

So there's that.  Just putting it out there.


UPDATE 5-28-11

Today was a day for checking out galleries. I stopped by the Ontarioville Art Center to see if it'd be a good place to hang our work. It is very very very very modest. The room is very tiny and we'd surely be able to fill it up. The benefits of doing a show here are that they'd be able to host us as soon as September (as opposed to sometime in 2012), and it is very close to a Metra stop for all of our Chicago fans. Also, the curator is looking for someone to work at here on occasion and there is even a little studio space for people to paint. I'd really like to get some feedback on whether or not we should do a show here.

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Next I went to the Schaumburg Township District Library. Since no one objected I dropped off paperwork confirming that we'd hang our work there in August 2012. We can always cancel if we decide not to do it so I decided to book it while I had the chance. Using this space basically means that we get one long wall to hang things on.

(1 2)

Finally I stopped at the Bloomingdale Park District Museum. This space is very nice. And very large. I know for a fact that we can fill up one of their rooms... but I believe we can handle both rooms. They'd be able to host us around December 2012 which gives us lots of time.

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UPDATE 5-23-11

I just got off the phone with Tom Javorcic from the Schaumburg Township District Library.  He is ready and willing to book us.  The only question is, do we want our work in a library?  I will say that this is a very high traffic building and most days it's tough to get a parking spot.  It would not cost us anything and the earliest they could fit us in would be August 2012.  They would not throw any reception for us, and if we threw our own we'd have to be mindful of all the people in the library.  Let me know if you guys want to do it and I will send him the paperwork.  Also, people are asking for examples of our work.  I've plucked a couple things from your blogs to give them idea of what we can do, but if you could all send me good recent works from SOT trips I think it would improve our chances ten fold of finding a great space.  Shoot them over to  Thanks everyone!


Listen up people.  I've been poking around the suburbs looking for places to host us and I've had a couple bites.

The Ontarioville Art Center would love to have us.  I've talked to Anita Komorski on the phone and emailed her examples of our work and she seems quite thrilled.  I have not seen this space yet but if you guys are interested at all I can go and check it out.  Apparently the building is a renovated farm house and the gallery is one room that can hold 20-25 small to average size paintings.  It would cost us $100 to use the space for one month.  The gallery retains a 30% commission of any sales that are made.  She also mentioned that she was not interested in hanging any nudes and I told her that most likely wouldn't be an issue.  The gallery is unavailable in July, but she's prepared to host us any time other than that.  In my mind I'm thinking we should sign up for September or October to give people who cashier or wait tables or work in Boston all summer time to do some snazzy pieces.  Also, this gallery does not throw receptions so that would be on us.

The Bloomingdale Park District Museum also loves our work.  I've been to this space a few times and it is quite nice.  They have two rooms that are available for 5-6 weeks.  Each room holds 30-35 paintings.  If we hang the work ourselves each room is $200.  If they hang it then each room is $250.  Again, they would retain 30% of sales and they also do not want any nudes.  They would throw a reception consisting of wine and cheese.  The only downside is that they can't fit us in until Christmas 2012.  Who knew Bloomingdale was such a hot art spot.  I need to let them know soon if we want to use just one room or both of them.

Those are the people I've heard back from so far.  Let me know if you're interested in moving forward with this, we have opportunities out there!  Here's a list of people I've emailed or left messages with.  Any help or advice would be great, I'm feel like I'm really taking a stab in the dark here.  When 3d people showcase their work it's SIGGRAPH so we don't do much gallery hunting.  I'll keep updating this post as I get more news so please keep checking in!

Norris Cultural Art Center

Evanston Art Center

Guenther Gallery

Barbera A Kieft Accelorator Artspace

Glitch Gallery

Brickton Art Center

Gallery 28 Fine and Functional Art

7 West Studio

Poe M Arthouse

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Maine, black and white.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Num Nums

He was pretty cocky when we pulled him out of the bag and set him on the table, and then he had his fifteen minutes of fame. Then it all went horribly wrong for num nums.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm getting into the irony thing. Replacing the bowl of fruit, the flower, the stuff of watercolor with the terrible beauty of weapons. But I may have gotten to the end of the iPod technology. To take this furthwer I'll need to start hitting gun shows. Where I'll meet scary people.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sons of Turner Call for entries

Fellow Sons (and daughters),

I am going to try to set up a space for the S.O.T. to have a show. The guidelines are only that the pieces would have to derive from your photos or sketches from the trips. Depending on the space, we would like to have a wall from each trip.

No concrete due date yet because half of the trip to Maine hasn't even begun.

If anyone has any ideas as to where they would like to hold the show, let me know.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cute and True

Saturday, May 7, 2011

In response to Bob's previous post. So excited for #11 this week!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Does anyone know if you can post a picture in a reply to a post easily? Anyway, I saw the graphic Andy posted and thought of this one.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011