Monday, June 13, 2011

My Sons of Turner work

Here's all the work I've done related to our trips. It's a link with all my images tagged with the search word Sons of Turner. I have yet to decide what I'll be doing for the show, so any links to other Sons work might help me out!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am proud to announce that the Sons of Turner have appointed Gabriela Mejia as our Treasurer! THANK YOU GABBY!

This was decided through a discussion thread on the SOT Facebook group page. For other leadership roles and ways to help, please check the blog and FB page often!

Calling all Sons!

Sons of Turner,


There are many truly exciting things happening for the Sons these next few months that the timing was right to send you this so that you may all be kept abreast of exactly what is happening and how you can be involved.

As you all know, the Sons of Turner are dedicated not only to our own unique artistic disciplines and visions, but also to the collective growth and advancement of the group. Several members have been working hard to take this group to the next phase of our collective journey and wanted to share with you all these new opportunities for the group

We are excited to announce that we now own the domain name “” and are in the process of designing a site that will showcase the paintings and works of the Sons as well as offer a professional look for the group. This is an important step as we continue to advance our individual careers and the influence of the Sons of Turner as an artist collective.

In addition to the website, we have the first of many gallery bookings for the Sons around the Chicago-land area this September. These exhibitions will feature works derived from the Sons annual excursions. Works that come from photos, sketches or completed during the trips themselves will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. As there is only limited room, we will need those interested to respond soon with a commitment.

These first few shows will introduce the Sons to the public as working professionals. The website will offer us a professional presence from which group and individual opportunities may arise. As such, it is vital that we all find ways to get involved. One way that we ask you to get involved is by contributing financially to the group. We are asking all Sons to contribute a yearly $50 “dues” in order to pay for gallery showings, website maintenance, web hosting, etc. A few of the Sons have paid out of pocket for the domain name but we still need to come up with the money for the September exhibition. We want to stress that though we are not requiring anyone to pay, those that do will have priority for exhibitions and the website over those that either will not or cannot contribute.

Please consider your role in the Sons of Turner and decide what you are able to contribute with your time and finances. We look forward to working together with you throughout the year, not just on our trips.

Thank you,

Caleb King


Hello Sons!

I am requesting all of you send me your most recent contact info. Please email me ASAP at with your email, telephone, address, as well as your website or online presence and profession (ie: Illustrator, Fine Artist- Watercolor, Graphic Designer, etc.). I will be posting your email and website link on the SOT website once it is created, but all other info will remain private unless it is requested by a gallery or potential employer.

Thank you!
-Diana Terry

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hey lets get some reviews on the Bold Colourful life website

Got the following from Melissa our hostess in Maine. I'd love for us to respond. Maybe you would click her links and respond to her directly, or should we collate and send her one big review? Either way we also need to send her a photo link or two with us working at the table or in the grounds and maybe some of our work. Lets jump on this before we are forgotten! MBK

Dear Mat,
What a wonderful time it was, having you and your two groups here for your artist's retreat. The place is not the same since your departure. You were a welcome addition to the 'team' and are much missed!!

I hope that your trip was smooth sailing and uneventful, and that you are happily back in the arms of your family. 

Meanwhile, while your memories are bright and clear, would you be willing to write a review for the various websites that advertise this place? And would you have one grad from each group do the same? I would be SO grateful.

And I'd love the link that will show me the work you all did while here. I'm curious--the glimpses I got of yours and others looked terrific. I love the pirate raft you left on the back table. Thanks!
I like to think I'm #5. I've got #9 down to a science. I need to work on #18. I REALLY need to work on #33.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Details for Inquiring Minds

I love polka dots.

Here is said item in gift wrapped form.


The iPad relaxing in MBK's Studio.

Gabby's beautiful cards.

Gabby's adorable little laminated sentimental collection of SOT messages.

The Title The Dedication. The Content

MBK did not just receive an iPad today. He also left with a booklet full of apps and tips to help him get started, and shown here are the first three pages. I was completely delighted to contrast traditional type on the first page with a 3D graphic on the second. The colors splashed beneath the type all come directly from The Zocalo.

Not pictured here are a slick and trendy Pogo stylus and also a collection Starbursts (for just in case the whole iPad idea didn't work out).

Gabs and I left the studio.  After weeks of organizing, planning, and scheming our goal was met.  When all was said and done I got into my car and this is how I felt.  Job well done Sons of Turner.  We made it happen.  I see so much potential in this group and I can't wait to see what else is in store.

Oh my!

Its now 1. 30 in the afternoon and Gabs and KK left the studio about two hours ago and I'm still shaking. I really put this up alongside winning the Turner medal in 2008 as a major event in my life. Seriously.

I want to say that you have no idea what these words of affirmation and this gift of generosity means to me but actually it is precisely because you DO know that you were excited to do it. You know me well enough and recognise enough of yourselves in me to be able to give such affirmation. And your gesture is something that I used as a teaching point for my children, using you as the benchmark, the examples of the kinds of people that they should look to and admire.

There is a difference between coasting and surfing. staying alive and being alive. Handing something in and thinking something through. Meeting expectations and exceeding them. You prove that. Lets keep proving it. Thank you for GETTING it and for modelling it. And thank you for the incredible surprise.

I'll post something later from my iPad.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sons of Turner cocktail menu

The Classy dame
The Turd Burglar
The seven and seven
I think there was another, like the TB but without the pickled gherkin

Recipies please. I believe Caleb has most of them and Tony has the seven and seven which is always pronounced with two handed smoking pistol gestures