Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hey lets get some reviews on the Bold Colourful life website

Got the following from Melissa our hostess in Maine. I'd love for us to respond. Maybe you would click her links and respond to her directly, or should we collate and send her one big review? Either way we also need to send her a photo link or two with us working at the table or in the grounds and maybe some of our work. Lets jump on this before we are forgotten! MBK

Dear Mat,
What a wonderful time it was, having you and your two groups here for your artist's retreat. The place is not the same since your departure. You were a welcome addition to the 'team' and are much missed!!

I hope that your trip was smooth sailing and uneventful, and that you are happily back in the arms of your family. 

Meanwhile, while your memories are bright and clear, would you be willing to write a review for the various websites that advertise this place? And would you have one grad from each group do the same? I would be SO grateful.

And I'd love the link that will show me the work you all did while here. I'm curious--the glimpses I got of yours and others looked terrific. I love the pirate raft you left on the back table. Thanks!


  1. Has anyone replied yet, MBK? I haven't been able to wrap my mind around this yet.

  2. Perhaps we should just send these individually?

  3. Yes absolutely Gabs, having checked it out I think we should send them directly via this link and let Melissa enjoy them and choose any that she may wish to post on her website.

  4. KK has posted her review via the website. (KK I copied and pasted it)

  5. Terrific. I just confirmed it via email and it may be posted in 48 to 72 hours. To be exact.

  6. I sent in my review. Hopefully it will be up on the website soon.

    I also might have some pictures of us enjoying the house. Will we be putting those up on the official SOT website when it's complete?