Thursday, June 9, 2011

Calling all Sons!

Sons of Turner,


There are many truly exciting things happening for the Sons these next few months that the timing was right to send you this so that you may all be kept abreast of exactly what is happening and how you can be involved.

As you all know, the Sons of Turner are dedicated not only to our own unique artistic disciplines and visions, but also to the collective growth and advancement of the group. Several members have been working hard to take this group to the next phase of our collective journey and wanted to share with you all these new opportunities for the group

We are excited to announce that we now own the domain name “” and are in the process of designing a site that will showcase the paintings and works of the Sons as well as offer a professional look for the group. This is an important step as we continue to advance our individual careers and the influence of the Sons of Turner as an artist collective.

In addition to the website, we have the first of many gallery bookings for the Sons around the Chicago-land area this September. These exhibitions will feature works derived from the Sons annual excursions. Works that come from photos, sketches or completed during the trips themselves will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. As there is only limited room, we will need those interested to respond soon with a commitment.

These first few shows will introduce the Sons to the public as working professionals. The website will offer us a professional presence from which group and individual opportunities may arise. As such, it is vital that we all find ways to get involved. One way that we ask you to get involved is by contributing financially to the group. We are asking all Sons to contribute a yearly $50 “dues” in order to pay for gallery showings, website maintenance, web hosting, etc. A few of the Sons have paid out of pocket for the domain name but we still need to come up with the money for the September exhibition. We want to stress that though we are not requiring anyone to pay, those that do will have priority for exhibitions and the website over those that either will not or cannot contribute.

Please consider your role in the Sons of Turner and decide what you are able to contribute with your time and finances. We look forward to working together with you throughout the year, not just on our trips.

Thank you,

Caleb King


  1. Sounds like you all are putting a lot of work into all this.

    Who do we pay the dues to? Also how many shows are being planned per year and how much is being spent on the website and hosting?

  2. Domain Name - $12.17 for one year.

    Hosting hasn't been purchased yet but it ranges from $5-$30 per month. There is a lot of us which means lots of imagery so I may need to purchase a larger package to acquire the space we will need.

    Design of the website shall be free, as I've asked my friend to code the SOT site for free, instead of my own website. However if enough people participate I would like to pay him something.

    Kernats know details for the gallery fees.

    We will also be putting money towards promo materials.

  3. We are involved with three shows at the moment. First is the Ontarioville Art Center on September 3rd. I paid 100 to book it, but I'm also looking into what it will cost us to get a liquor license. No news yet. In August 2012 we are booked at the Schaumburg Library at no cost. We are almost booked for the Bloomingdale Park District Museum in December 2012. We need to give them 400 dollars (I can't afford this one on my own) and if we don't do it soon we will get bumped back to a later time slot.

    For more check this post:

  4. And also, Jurkash has some contacts in the print industry so if we can get some snazzy files to him he can garner a nice price.