Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rum, Paint and the Need to Connect

Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed sons, distant friends, so much water has passed 'neath our collective bridge.
So I am too old and too tired to attempt to recreate the heady heights of yesteryear, but  think I can rustle up an afternoon and evening at MBK studios with a surprise or two.
Im thinking a Saturday. Im thinking possibly June 14th (there wont be a date that suits everybody)
Im thinking late afternoon and into the night.
Bring pencils and a sketchbook.
Bring something to drink.
Bring a piece that you want to show if you feel like showing something
Bring a warm heart and a big smile
Some live music
Some DJ stuff
Some iPod gameplay
There Will be blood
There may be moustaches
This is NOT a definite date!!!! Lets see who can make it. We'll use the facebook page I guess.