Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am proud to announce that the Sons of Turner have appointed Gabriela Mejia as our Treasurer! THANK YOU GABBY!

This was decided through a discussion thread on the SOT Facebook group page. For other leadership roles and ways to help, please check the blog and FB page often!


  1. You must be tremendously proud. Thanks for stepping up

  2. Wow, a plaque and everything. haha Loving it! Thanks guys!!

  3. Thought you'd like that, hahahaha

  4. Yay Gabby! I suppose I should mail you a check, eh? ;)

  5. I should clarify, for those who don't know me well and my sarcasm... There's not really any "leadership roles". We needed someone to handle the money coming in ASAP and Gabby stepped up to plate, when others like me called NOT IT. Some of us just quickly settled this when we learned Kernatz has been pulling money out of her own pocket to get this going. Now we can begin paying her back.

    Next week should be much more fluid as I have received 12 of yours contact info and we can begin emailing instead of facebooking.

    Remember there's not a single Son who wants to take over or be leader, we're all in this together! Time is sacred right now and some of us are on the computer all day anyways, so things started happening. There are plenty of things that will still be needed, and I'll try to do a better job of keeping everyone up to date (since I'm one of the ones on the computer all day, every day... and I'm a texting wh*re).