Monday, November 29, 2010

maine update

  1. spots on trip going fast
  2. only three places left
  3. money starting to come in (thanks D)
  4. money starting to go out
  5. there's one of two major public collections of Andrew Wyeth in Maine
  6. and a ton of Winslow Homer Illustrations and paintings
  7. sea kayaking is really really cool
  8. Jay Jones is back
  9. I dont know how to undo highlighting of text and I cant match the background colour to the blog's page colour 
  10. I am more and more certain that drawing and painting are inseperable parts of the same creative yearning.


  1. Just so I'm not assuming, am I on one of those lists? If not, I definitely am in!

  2. I put on my glasses and found the dates. When will we know which group we are in?

  3. in a week or so i shall have everyone and almost everything sorted. Just a few tweaks here, a pinch of salt there, a dash of tabasco and it'll be ready.

  4. In regards to the finance aspect of this trip, I am currently unaware as to where my check should be mailed to.

  5. Important information indeed!

    MBK Studios
    1706 S Halsted St
    Chicago IL 60608
    payable to Mat Barber Kennedy

  6. I AM SO EXCITED!! I'll be mailing another check next week, should put me at the halfway mark. :)

  7. Mat,
    When would be the deadline for you receiving our checks?