Sunday, April 3, 2011

Define yourselves

Every time it rains, my mind gets lost very easily, and even at nearly 11pm, my lack of sleep is making me really contemplate some things.

I guess I've thought of these things before, but now they strike me the most, on muggy nights that make me miss Savannah. What does it take to be one of the Sons of Turner? What does it MEAN to be one? I always have that slight fear of people not really liking me or valuing what I have to say when an opinion is requested, and perhaps it's nonsensical paranoia, but I occasionally have this feeling in my gut that questions just why I am a Son of Turner. It's not at all that I mind being one. But I do feel as though our purpose is not really certain sometimes. Is it meant to be a community built around deeply seeded discussions? Is it simply for the love of art and travel? Are we meant to be closer to one another than we have settled to be, or is everyone just too shy, like I am, to ask?

Well, it's late enough at night that I can set aside just a little cowardice and ask these things. Maybe there's something I'm missing that everyone else understands about the Sons of Turner, and if such is the case, I can't wait to find out what that is. If not, the summary of this is that I want to know you all better. I want to have fueled discussions about art and life and the thick relation between the two. I want to meet for coffee and have sketching nights, travel the states, even the closer ones, just for the sake of finding an adventure with people that I am close with, who find common ground with me. I hesitate to say 'travel the world' only because budget is a difficult thing to plan in the first place. I know this firsthand; I'm unable to make the Maine trip and it's literally put me to tears a few times.

I want these experiences, I want the understanding and most of all, I want to feel like I'm a part of this thing, this group, that is so diverse and intellectual and valuable, only perhaps timid like I am when it comes to this comprehensive part.



  1. Hi Dani!

    I completely understand where you're coming from. I can safely say that I'm probably the oldest of the SoTs and have a little different perspective on the whole thing, but hopefully it won't sound like someone's weird uncle laying his two sense in... so here goes...

    Community is important. Some of us are extroverts and some introverts, but that doesn't mean that we are meant to live hermetical lives in isolation just because we might be focused inward most of the time. I, like you, desire for nights of sketching and wonderful conversation amidst my fellow Sons and believe that we can achieve more in our collective strength than any one of us can on our own. Community can be experienced in forums like this, but community is much more alive and powerful when there are warm bodies present and active. I feel your desire for true artistic community. I echo your sentiments.

    I didn't get much of a chance to know you while in school, and have only briefly met you in passing, so my connection to you is not as strong as many of our "brothers and sisters" here, but there is no reason we cannot find something to unite us. I think art nights are a great idea. I think dinner and conversation are great too. I think all of these things are not only possible but desired amongst many of us.

    So let's get together.

    I don't think we need to rigidly define what we are. That's a bit premature. Let's simply be for a while and see what rises out of us. Time and togetherness will tell...

    Anyone interested?

  2. Sounds good. I think even just a good old night of get to know each other, tell stories, talk about our work and just...a general introduction. Because just as you said, many of you I've only met in the passing, and in those particular moments, I'm either way too shy to speak or focused on getting somewhere (class probably...)

  3. Yes! Let's get together! Even if its just the three of us. Since moving back to my parents 6 months ago... I have become a hermit. I got used to hosting parties and cooking dinners, now I have nowhere to do that.

    I too have no definite idea of what we are, but it makes sense. I think we are an evolving group. Our core is travel, art, inspiring one another, learning about each other... and the list will grow.

    I just told Bob the other night that I wasn't sure if I belong with the SOT since Jerry was the one who got me on the Savannah trip while we were dating. But then he made me realize I was just like the rest of the SOT, I met Jerry because we're both artists and shared similar views, and THAT'S why I became a Son. We're all connected somehow.

    Mondays-Wednesdays I am always free! I still need everyone's numbers.

  4. I totally agree, I spoke with Lucas about the same thing, that I didn't feel particularly like I belonged in SOT because I didn't fully understand what it was about, but...more and more, I think I'm getting used to it and really liking that I have this opportunity. But yes, we should get together! I'm finishing up school now, I get out the 29th of this month. I'd love to have a sketch night somewhere, we can make it a potluck and bring some food or tea or something, and just sit and talk and get to know each other for real!

  5. I would love to re-meet all the Sons from the first trip to Savannah. I really only know Berto, Cindy and Nick.

  6. I think that'd be a great idea. I know once I have my own place, I'd love to host some meetings as well : )

  7. I don't have time right now to really respond, but I wanted to say that I have wanted to host a Salon for a while. I will try and set one up maybe in the next weeks or so?

  8. Bob's got a thing coming up on facebook. I told him to post it here but he didnt. I intend to turn up for a bit. BUT, whats really important to me is that there is the sense of comitment and desire amongst you that doesnt rely on me. I'm thrilled to read these blog notes and Bob's invitation. Thrilled. I want you to have what I have had with my peers and what I feel that I have with some of the students that I meet here at the Academy. Marvellous. Vital. Mutual. Instructive. Provocative. Nurturing.

  9. Yeah, I hope he posts on it here and gets the word out! Especially for the new sons, it'd be a good opportunity for them to get introduced.

  10. OK jeez! Didn't you post that yesterday!? Give a guy a chance.