Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Maine 2011

Here's some snaps that I took in October 2010 when I first visited Maine to do a commission.

This isnt where we're staying.
Well here's the skinny.
The trip to Maine is set.
The house is booked.
The lobster is as good as in the pot. His days are numbered.

A new semester is upon us, although more than half of the Sons of Turner are now graduates!
I didnt even get to invite any new Sons this year as both trips are filled with existing members. Maybe next year I shall run three trips so that I can bring new people in.

I dont want the blog to become something for only those who are going on the trip this year, but by the same token I dont want the blog not to serve as an information point. So my apologies to anyone visiting the blog who might not be on this year's trip, and PLEASE keep visiting and contributing to the blog as much as possible. The last conversation which Dani started was really interesting.


  1. I am so glad there is a countdown on the new Sons of Turner website, I am literally counting the days!

  2. Hehe I second Kernatz. I think some trip info on the blog is okay, I think it inspires us all to plan additional trips and shows newbies what they could be doing with their work.

    Maybe by next year some of us grads will be making more money and you could plan two different trips- a cheaper one for new, younger Sons and a pricier one... I want to go overseas with the Sons! That way you could go two places MBK!

  3. We'd be the Sons of Turner: International Division.

  4. Or "the Sons of Turner" and "Turners Poor cousins". I did seriously consider Portugal but even I'm a bit too stretched for that right now. I also thought about a short five days in Paris, or Amsterdam as a possibility. I just would hate for it to become something that current students cant afford and if it becomes too much about the selection of people being based on finances then I might end up feeling less like an agent provocateur and more like a travel agent. But an international trip is definitely in my ambitions for you all.

  5. Just keeping you informed of my finance on the trip mat. My check will be in the mail shortly. :) hope everyone had a happy new year.