Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Button Love

I've made a button for us Sons to use on our various websites and blogs. Simply grab the code and paste it into a widget or gadget on the sidebar of your blog, and it will be a button that links back to the Sons of Turner Blog. Let me know if there's any problems with it, I'll do my best to fix it. :)

<a href="http://sonsofturner.blogspot.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_9cSGgbRsigA/TSzNXz11iqI/AAAAAAAAAJ8/ebMaiPUyg-c/s1600/sot+button+gray.jpg" alt="SonsofTurner.blogspot.com" width="188" height="150" /></a>


  1. Katie, out of all the buttons you've ever showed me this is my favorite.

  2. Sweet works perfectly with my blog layout!

    look right under the "about me section on the sidebar...

  3. Lucas it looks really really great on your blog!

  4. I can' figure out how to get the button onto my blog:(. I tried copying it to my page but I must've been doing something wrong. Also, I'd like to make post on the Sons' page but can't figure out how to do that either... Do I need to be added as a contributor? I'm sorry for the lame questions, you see I'm still sort of computer-illiterate:(. I know being in the 21st century it's very hard to come by someone who is but I happen to be a member of that minority group. PLEASE HELP! Thank you.


  5. I can walk you through the blog button on Tuesday. As for the becoming a contributor, I had Elisha help me and I cant remember what she did. Send her an email