Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some sneak peaks

Here are two projects I'm currently working on:

The first is a color study/mock up for a food illustration done in the style of a magazine advertisement. Custom type faces and logo's are under development for that piece. Should be a fun one to paint as it will be a bit of a departure from my usual approach.

The next is a snippet of a painting for editorial illustration. The painting is based on a cliché; when more is revealed, see if you can guess which one...


  1. I like this game but what do you mean a cliche? Do you mean an adage? Like "never look a gift horse in the mouth"? or a moral like "slowly but surely wins the race"? or a cliche as in a consciously recognisable overused motif which almost becomes a symbol of what it stands for, like a German SS officer having a monocle and a really strong accent when he speaks in clipped English? I think you mean an adage, no? Looking forward to playing. ps you spelled cakes wrong.

  2. Oops, I accidentally posted in the SoT page instead of mine. I was wondering why I couldn't find this post....DOH!

    As for your Q Mat; it's based on the verbal type of cliche, I'm not sure if it could be considered an adage. It's not really a moral either, just a statement.

    I enjoyed your thorough description of the SS officer.

    'Kakes' is catchy, no?