Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fear for the mighty Shrimp

The Two Sons shrimp boat was my favourite drawing that I did down in Savannah and I've been eager to do something with it since I got back. I felt very sickened by the BP disaster which was in full swing while we were there and the Shrimping season was yet to start but there was a looming fear that we might be facing an ecological disaster from which our earth and certainly the fishing fleet might not recover. But for all that sense of doom, its a jolly little boat.


  1. I like this a lot. It's very dark, and it looks like it would be the setting for a sad boatman's song. And plus it looks like a painting that Tom Waits or Nick Cave would have on their wall. Great job.

  2. Wierd you would say that because I was just listening to Nick Cave 15 minutes ago and thinking of asking you if you liked him. There was something about the lyrics on "We call Upon the Author" from Dig Lazarus Dig that made me think you'd like him. I've followed him since he was in The Birthday Party in the very early 80s and have a huge respect for his writing and the depth of his imagery.