Monday, August 2, 2010

Something to check out

Watercolor artists doing some fun things.


  1. I like what he's doing here. I'm not crazy about his character design but I am really attracted to his modelling of forms, and the visual weight of his pieces. BIG tonal range. Great control of the layout. Uncomplicated messsages. They tell stories (illustrate) really directly. I wouldnt hang one on my wall but I really like them as a sequence of ideas. He'd do great books....does he already.? Does anyone know this guy already?

  2. I don't know his work, but I read on his site that these are actually acrylic on watercolor paper... I've never tried that, seems like it would be awkward and would be difficult to blend but apparently this guy can do it.

  3. That would explain the incredible modelling. Sarah Kashe, Gabs and Cindy B can do it in watercolour but these have a punch and weight that would seem more acheivable with a paint with some body to it.