Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Purpose

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When we met up we talked a lot about who we were as a group.  What exactly are the Sons of Turner and what can we actually do?  Maybe we're a group of classmates that critique each other's work.  Maybe we're a new age Salon.  I know I have some thoughts.  I think as long as we can make the time to come together, putting work and school to the side, we can conjure up some amazing ideas.  I consider myself very lucky to be a small part of it.  I took a lot of pictures the other day, and while these may not be my favorites I think they give a peak to the outside world about what we're doing now.  At this point I'm going to be working on a header for the blog.  I'll post the first draft on Friday and see what you all think.    


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  1. Yes, I think that may be enough. Maybe its enough to be linked by our friendships, our experiences together and our passion. And perhaps our trust and the giving of permission to speak into eachothers' work.