Sunday, August 8, 2010

decision time

What is the blog. Who is it for?
We began to talk about that here at the studio a bit today. Not so much THIS blog but the blog as a tool or a communication device.
We also talked about one of Tony's paintings, a work in progress.
And just began to touch on specific issues for Nick and Bradlee but that never got far in the group format.
And we tried Art Bingo and I got some good feedback on that from Joe and a bunch of yous.
And Gabs had the courage to tell me something critical about one of my pieces which I was grateful about. We covered some ground.
I think I know enough about myself to be sure that I will always treasure time in conversation way more than email and blogging and virtual crits and cyber groups. Sometimes I argue things and propose things, and find myself disliking the things that I'm saying. Sometimes I need to test the water. I dont think I know anything with more certainty than when I woke up this morning but I feel like I put some thoughts out into the wind.

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  1. I hope we can arrange another date to meet up, before 2011. Jerry and I were sad to have missed it. I could have used the inspiration, I haven't been doing much art lately.

    And what exactly, is Art Bingo??