Monday, May 24, 2010

Sitting around on the last day

So I really dont like saying goodbye and on the last day of each of the trips I've wanted to just be alone, and of course at the end of the first trip I was surrounded by 24 people milling around. On my last day in Savannah I walked across Forsythe Park to have coffee at The Mansion, you remember that big red brick hotel on Drayton Street opposite the park's Cafe? It was quite wonderful in there and obviously very expensive. I had the terrace to myself although there were a lot of lizards scurrying about. It was one of those moments where I felt like I was living in Savannah rather than hungrily trying to discover it. After coffee I strolled through the park and sat at the northern end at a bus stop and drew this cupola that I'd enjoyed every morning as I walked up Bull Street. Diana had challenged me to look at trees and I'm really grateful as I think they will be an essential ingredient in my paintings even if its just the trunks.

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  1. I really enjoy seeing nature in your work from Savannah. They really give the buildings a sense of placement in the world, making them appear almost whimsical but retaining the buildings history and structure. In this manner, I think you're capturing that architecture, or essentially, humans, become one with the earth. However, I am the crazy tree lady who loves talking about trees.
    Seeing your style of trees with architecture has inspired me to try and relate my own tree paintings with the city life a bit more.