Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hey Sons,
So first off, is anyone still itching from mosquito bites they got in Savannah? I sure am. My foot is swollen from one.

But on a different note, start posting your sketches and stuff, especially the first group. I would love to see everyone's.


  1. I didnt get mosquito bites so much as chigger bites. But I'm all clear now. Hey get that tattoo thing up on the site. I'll scan another something when I'm at the studio later today. MBK

  2. My feet are still itchy!! But the swelling is gone, thank heavens. I was reading up on the Chiggers... and they are harmless, takes about a week for itching to start going away. HOWEVER, I came across Jiggers, which are also in Savannah, and we could have picked them up from the beach (sand fleas). If you've got bumps that aren't going away, and there's a small black dot in the middle and you have flakey skin, you might have a Jigger in your foot :( And they lay eggs under your skin, which is why the bump doesn't go away.

    I found that interesting. Speaking of bugs, Jerry and I found a huge black ground beetle scurrying across our apartment.

    Bob, remember there was an evil mosquito in the car on the way home?!?! That's probably why you're still itchy.

  3. I have four big mosquito bites on the front of my leg. I hope no one notices them at graduaton today, blech.


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