Monday, May 24, 2010

Forsyth Park Living Room

Painting in Savannah challenged me to paint subjects of man-made structure. I'm so used to painting organic objects that it definitely came as a challenge. This was my favorite room at the Forsyth Park Home because of the beautiful set of chairs, the awkward loveseat, the enormous mirror with all the swirls I could ever hope for, and the beautiful view of trees and houses through the patio doors and windows. Even with the A/C running, sitting in this room was a breath of fresh air. Quite different from sitting in the front room of a Chicago home, even one as thrifty & tasteful as my own.

On another note, I took a stroll around my apartment today. My goal was to get 5 strangers to smile or say hello to me (as most people in Savannah did). Out of 8 strangers, only 2 acknowledged me. It was a little depressing but it really made me think about my body language and trying harder to connect with the world.


  1. Why were there 8 strangers in your apartment? You should be careful This city is definitely not as safe as Savannah

  2. I really like how the seat seems to be listening to the mirror frame. Theres a lovely relationship between these objects in the way that you have set them up in the composition and divided the background.