Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The saugatuck trip lineup

The lineup 2012
Kernats, Liz

Cindy, Sarah

Emily and Dani

Matt , Andrew

Bob, Jerry

That's it for this trip. My apologies to those of you who didn't get on this one, but I can only lead one trip this summer. But the sons of turner are more than just trips. Let's get our focus on the sparrow project later in June too.

So I'm a bit thin on details right now but the big decision is....who's driving. We'll need three cars to transport the 11 of us, and my wife isn't going to give me our car so.......? I know dani just had hers tuned to racing specifications, so that's one car. And emily is going in that one. Who else fancies the drive? I'm buying the gas, but this will be my first sot trip not behind the wheel.

Check in isn't till 4 on Monday 4 th but we should set off early, grab breakfast at a pancake house and stop off in union pier and spend some time exploring the southern lake Michigan coast. We could even spend some time at Indiana dunes. Some of you have paid in full and some have paid the deposit.

It would be great if the balances are paid by PayPal by the 1st June or please bring it in cash on the 4th.

As usual we will need art stuff of course and iPods. One thing I've learned is that sunblock seems to be a necessity! There's fabulous beaches to walk along, and I don't want a repeat of the savannah experience!

Cooking. As you know the evening meal is a huge part of the experience but we only have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights to worry about. So you don't all have to cook but presumably some of you would like to? I know I don't. So I want to get a feel for who will cook, and definitely will sleep better when I know we have three drivers with cars big enough for 4 people. Post comments below if you fit either or both of those needs. Towels provided. Sunhats a necessity.

I am DESPERATE to paint outdoors again. And to see you all and be encouraged by your passion and your energy. Bring those too. Yours, mbk


  1. Haha I didn't know I was going in Dani's car, but I suppose it makes sense! :) Can't wait for this trip!

  2. No car from me. I hitchhike to Legoland everyday. But I will cook a hearty meal the first night.

  3. I can fit three people plus stuff. Unfortunately my trunk is a little full with my spare tire and jack in it, so we'd have to give the bags their own seat : (

  4. Unfortunalely my ferrari is only a 2 seater. However I can dust off the cavalier. That should be big enough for four people, depending on how much stuff they have.

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  6. Matt I'll ride with you but only if it's in the Ferrari.

    Also I don't know what Bob's plans are, but he lives down the street from me so it'd be easy to grab him if he needs it.

    1. Yeah no prob Kristen, at 200mph we should get there much quicker than everyone else. Yesterday Cindy and Sarah said they would like a ride as well. So, with you that will make 4.

      I think everyone else is either already in a car, driving, or has expressed that they do not have a car. So I think Bob is the only person left that could possibly drive.

  7. I just reread this and noted something; I can cook for us if people don't feel like it. I always love to cook for people : ) I just need to know allergies/if anyone is vegan/vegetarian, and I'll plan stuff?

  8. I'm allergic to seafood, but you probably knew that, Dani. But if the group wants to eat it, I'm fine making my own thing. That is what I did in Maine on lobster night.