Tuesday, May 15, 2012

its time to commit

OK , sorry about the delay but we had something of an episode at home with Sam and his health. But all is well. And I'm back in the saddle.
The house is booked. The deposit is paid. The game is on.
June 4th to June 7th  2012. Saugatuck. Michigan.
There are ten slots available for this trip and I know that there were more than 10 of you who wanted to go so some of you may have to sit this one out.
I have already received money from a couple of you, thank you.
Now its time for others of you to poney up.
Please send me either $100 as a deposit or the full $225 if you can, via Paypal to my email address which is of course mbk@matbarberkenedy.com.
I will need to make sure that we have the right mix of men and women for the bedrooms to work (5 and 5 wont work) but beyond that I will have to give spaces on the trip to the ones who send me their money first. Its not ideal but I think it will work out. and for those of you who wanted to go but didnt get a slot, I apologise but thats the way that it is.
Thats it.
I think.


  1. Will be paypaling my deposit tonight after work!

    1. Great! Who is that? There's no icon

  2. So far I have money from Kernats Cindy Sarah Liz Matt and bob
    4 places left
    Ideally 2 men and 2 women

  3. I will try to send the money as soon as I can. Usually, it takes a few days to transfer from my bank account to pay pal! But I really want to go!!

  4. Kernats, Cindy, Sarah, Liz, Matt, Bob, Andrew, Jerry, Emily. One spot left for a female type woman person. That will be 6 girls/ women and 4 boys/ men.