Monday, September 26, 2011

Hollow Sneak Peak

Hollow Exhibition (The Hanging Of)

The Hollow Exhibition is an art event themed around self-image issues such as body image, depression, anorexia, insecurity and more.

Chicago Artist Month 2011

Every year throughout October, you are invited to meet hundreds of Chicago visual artists at exhibitions, workshops, open studios, tours, and neighborhood art walks at venues throughout the city. Presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture in collaboration with more than 200 program partners, Chicago Artists Month aims to showcase the extraordinary talent and vibrancy of Chicago’s art community.

41st Annual Pilson East Artist's Open House

This event allows a rare view of the artist's creative environment. Enjoy more than 65 artist's studios, galleries, and residences at South Halsted and 18th Streets in Chicago, during the city's longest running Artist's Open House!


  1. Great post, Kristen! Thanks for being there to lend a few hands and document the event!

  2. I'd recommend placing all name tags at the same height to create a unifying line given the variety of work sizes and frame types. I hear you did all this without a tape measure today? I am excited to see the show and lots of sons this weekend. MBK

  3. No tape measure, but we had a laser leveler. We did place all the name/info cards at the same level too - great minds and all that...