Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This song makes me miss Georgia even more. I'm thinking maybe sometime in the winter, taking a road trip up there for a few days, just to escape the Windy City winters. Would anyone be interested in joining me? I'm thinking of getting a hotel, which can be split between myself and two to three other people. Just an idea for now, nothing solid!


  1. Well actually this doesnt remind me of how I felt about Savannah at all, but I like it nonetheless. I've never been afraid to put my hand in the air a say yes to a good melody. Despite my punk roots I am a sucker for stuff that makes me smile and want to dance with my family. This is one of those AND it has the word "Savannah" in it a lot.

  2. Well yeah, the love thing doesn't make sense but you know, having it talk about the warmth of Georgia and the excitement to get there.