Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Something Wicked..."

My surreal interpretation of the doors at Suitable Digs in Santa Fe.


  1. This piece is at my house for the moment, the photo does it no justice.

  2. What terrible things must have happened behind those doors. I can only imagine. I lke the stones in the foreground, they make the place seem desolate and off the beaten track.

  3. Thanks!

    I was interested in the doors from my reference photo (thanks Katie!) but that was it. I really didn't want to paint just a door and a building... blah blah blah. I wanted something more... me.

    I decided to keep the doors and the colors of the building as well as a few of the rocks on the ground. I wanted the colors themselves to speak about the mood of the painting. Since I'm very much attracted to things creepy and sinister, I wanted these doors to reflect that. The swirling violets and dark colors are my nod to the violet color of the building these doors were attached to, with that hint of what I call the "mystery" element. It's that little bit of ambiguity that adds mood and atmosphere to the painting.

    I don't know what lurks behind those doors and I don't care to know either....